My Farewell Letter To Being A F.A.G. (Family and Gullible) #lgbtqcommunity #mystory #mytestimony Pt9

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Next is my sister Angela, aka Angel, who is 3 years older than me. All my sisters have the same mom. My oldest brother Dante has his own mom(RIP❤️). My brother Mike has his own mom. Dajuan and I have our mom. I speak about my absolute favorite cousin,????Nikeka.???? She is an outcast, a black sheep like me, BUT she is one of the most loved in the family. Now, I get my "attitude" from my cousin Keka, she is the one who "unleashed the dragon" in me????Today, she doesn't come around the family(nor do I). We are not down with the phony shit that some of our family be on at times. I speak about being an #empath and go into a little more later on!

Ion care where I go, who I become, or how much money I will make, there are certain family members where we will always be family. These people know who they are! No matter when they hear me say, "Ion have no family," these are people who know I'm not speaking about them! Keka, my cousin/sister Timmerly, my aunts Collete, Kat, Erica, Dante, Tyneka, Angel, my uncle Ray's kids, to name a few. Anyway, I digress...I speak about a little of what I know in regards to what my sister Angel went through in her childhood. I think she was born with a twin, but he didn't make it. I want to say that his name was Angelo, but I'm not sure.

I speak about how this affected Angel, which resulted in her bullying me. Angel really used to beat me, but what would hurt the worst is when she would say I'm not her brother. She would say our cousins Darius, Alex, and Victor were her brothers. I wasn't mad at that because even though Darius and Alex teased me, I still looked at them like brothers, too. Victor(RIP) didn't tease me, and I looked at him like a brother, too. What's funny is that I was always "ok to be around" when we were by ourselves, but when everyone gathered around, I was the sacrifice.

I speak about how our dad never addressed this and the damage it would cause. He knew this was going on because I would tell him. My other cousin would join in as well, I have definitely endured my time of being bullied. I go on to speak about how later on, when we became adults, Angel and I met up at her house to talk. We talked about everything that happened in our childhood. I'm just glad that in spite of having such an emotionally absent (for me) and physically/emotionally absent (for her) dad, we still were emotionally mature enough to handle the situation on our own. That's it on my family!

Now it's time to speak about my favorite person in the whole wide world????...????ME!????Lil' John & the Southside Girls????????????Music...I LOVE music! My fav genre of music is❤️‍????GOSPEL❤️‍????I name a few of my favorite artists, but I really love the Mass choirs. In memory of Duranice Pace because she was an inspiration to me.

I would also grow up listening to "the divas", #pattilabelle #sonnyandcher (CHER) #whitneyhouston #mariahcarey #celinedion #madonna #janetjackson #spicegirl and last but not least #beyonce and I know I did not say on video but baby the boss Ms.Ross #dianaross #arethafranklin of course and in my jacky voice #tinaturner ! I don't know how I forgot to mention them, but baby, I'm sorry, especially to Ms.Ross The Boss❤️Cher and the Spice Girls are very important to me because I used to get teased for listening to their music. ????Mel B???? will always be my❤️ but now that I am grown and into's ❤️‍????Posh Spice❤️‍????for me! I always loved her too, but now I that I am grown, I just get her on a different level❤️

"Black" boys in the hood/ghetto are not supposed to listen to Cher, the Spice Girls(and then to have them plastered all over my walls to where you could not even see the paint, sigh...the 90's), Madonna, Jewel, Ace of Base, Alanis M. HOLE(fav song❤️MALIBU❤️),No Doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers, blink 182, and BSB! I was called weird and a lot of other hurtful words. I had 3 older brothers, so of course I listened to rap music. Just want to say I respect TF out of Ice Cube, he's the Truth????He made 2 of my favorite movies, The Players Club, and Friday! I'm so proud of him for taking a stand!

Some of my favorite RnB artists #erykahbadu #lilmo #aaliyah #monica two words: #tonibraxton and #tweet ????groups like #Tlc #Destinyschild and #swv Now, female hip hop/rap is a whole other type of love, and you should already know who I'm about to "Bigg up!" The only one who will get a full name out of me????KIMBERLY????DENISE???? JONES????‼️????"She got it goin on whawha..." #lilkim I love #megantheestallion and I love my theme song "Savage". I like Nikki Minaj, she did what she was supposed to do, which is to take the torch and carry on the movement.

I do not compare her to Lil' Kim because Kim is the blueprint print! I always say this "If you want proof that Kim paved the way, look up The Rolanda Watts show. When Kim did this interview, Nikki was 14!" I do think Nikki deserves a Grammy! Last but not least, I can not forget to mention the King. He passed on my bday! #MichaelJackson will forever be the King, may he RIP!
Tina Turner
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