Doomse - Heartbreak City - 80s Synth Music In FL Studio

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Added by MiAmigo
One evening, I was playing around with a new freeware synth and it reminded me of the awesome 80s movies soundtracks... So I kinda wanted to create a track in this kind of 80s style. I created the stuttering bass in FL's Sytrus and built the beat around it. For this bell sounding synth I used Sytrus as well. So I had the main "melody", beat and bass but it sounded quite boring. I created the intro using FL Wasp for the long bass and (again) Sytrus for the "strings" as well as for the "wind". In the middle part I wanted a solo... it sounded lame with a synth so I played it with a guitar (although I don't really know how to play it). I recorded the guitar, improvising and trying different ideas while playing back the song in a loop. Afterwards I cut together the "best" individual parts. So no I did not play the solo all at once... still, for the first time it does not sound too shitty (at least that's what I am thinking ;)). Of course I also had to create an 80s style artwork for that track. Hope you like my 80s movie soundtrack. Thanks alot for listening. Rock'n'roll... doomse. Message me if you have questions on how to create the synths/track in FL Studio...
Music from 80's
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